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Flower Drying Silica Gel

Flower Drying Crystals

Flower Drying Crystals:Our specially formulated Flower Drying Crystals are great for preserving Flowers, Herbs, Bouquets, Corsages, Boutonnieres, Wreaths, Seeds, and much more. Our Flower Drying Crystals are perfect for beginners to use and one bag can dry 100's of flowers! Preserving fresh flowers is a simple and fun family project that lets you enjoy the beauty of flowers all year long!

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Flower Drying Silica Gel
Flower Drying Crystals - 1.5LBS
1 1+/$15.99 2+/$13.50 3+/$12.50 6+/$10.99 12+/$9.99
* The amount of Silica Gel (Desiccant) required will depend upon several factors including: the chemical characteristics of the product, volume contents of container, physical properties of the container, and conditions in which container will be stored/used.